9 Nightly Chores for Step-Mommy - Banana Jacks

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“ALWAYS FOLLOW STEP-MOMMIES DIRECTIONS Wear HER Bridle and Bit, all day until SHE gets home. Worship HER heels and stocking feet. Oink like a pig if you want to speak to STEP-M0MMIE. Beg for HER to Zip-Tie your cock and balls. Suck and Gag on Step-Mommies Cock, and promise to get better at it. Be Step-Mommies Ottoman. Make your cock hard for Her nylon feet. INHALE STEP-MOMMIES Panties and Ass. Make your FILTHY COCK STEP-M0MMIES TOY. YOUR BLACK STEPMOM WILL TEACH YOU HOW TO BEHAVE.REMEMBER: “STEP-MOMMY DOESN’T LIKE TO WAIT.”””