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14385 - Anyone who’s been a Co-ed knows this nightmare very well. You’re in a classroom all alone. The professor is spinning nonsense at you. You realize you know none of the material she is talking about and completely unprepared for your final exams, which you have to complete RIGHT NOW! All of a sudden your professor realizes you’ve come to class with absolutely no clothes on! Well, Bonnie Day takes this nightmare ten steps further and turns it into a Lez Dom Electro BDSM fantasy nightmare. Where the young, tight bodied newbie exploits her nerdy side and begs Professor Lorelei Lee and Teacher’s Assistance Ashley Fires to teach her how to be sexy in the hopes of being not only an A+ Slut but an overachieving A++ Electroslut! Watch and see if Bonnie can achieve her goals or if in the end she’s just an F- failing NERD.

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Download this from ELECTROSLUTS