Porcelain Electro Dolls - ELECTROSLUTS

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14383 - What’s better than one beautiful, ivory skinned, raven haired, budding Electroslut? TWO beautiful, ivory skinned, raven haired, budding Electroslut!!! That’s what you’re getting today. I called in Mistress Chanel Preston and Mistress Lorelei Lee to put these porcelain dolls on electro display just for you! Sticky pads, conductive rubber, MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF PUSSY EATING, zappers, voice controlled remote units, EMS pads, BIG black ball gags, ANAL FISTING, strap-on electro-fucking, orgasm after orgasm ripped from these girls bodies, and last but not least, Katherine takes the STANLEY CHALLENGE once again! This is some of the hot and heavy action you can expect from this white hot ELECTRO update!

Download this video from ELECTROSLUTS
Download this from ELECTROSLUTS