Anal Espionage - Fucked and Bound

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21325 - Cecilia Vega is a sexy French spy who has been caught by Germen interrogator Master Sascha. Like any well-trained spy, Cecilia is unwilling to give up any information and Master Sascha must resort to some very unconventional interrogation tactics. He first tries some electro-shock on her sweet little tits and then some deep throat fucking to get Cecilia to talk. Cecilia begins to break a little and gives out some top-secret information, but it is not until Sascha thrusts his rock hard cock into her Parisian asshole, does this French spy begin to spill the beans. Once she is but in hard, strict bondage, shocked with the cattle prod, and has her ass fucked hard and fast does this tight lipped spy turn in to a cum drunk slut. Cecilia realizes it is no use and tells all her secrets as she comes over and over again.

Download this video from Fucked and Bound
Download this from Fucked and Bound