Crimson Ninja - Hogtied

Channel: Hogtied

Who is the Ninja, why does she wear a mask, and why isshe here? The Ninja is this year?s overall UltimateSurrender Champion. She wears a mask because she doesn’twant friends, family, and fellow students to find outthat she likes wrestling girls and fucking them afterdefeating them. Ninja is here doing Hogtied becausewhen she lost last year?s Championship, her opponentbound her and [REDACTED] her to cum and Ninja LOVED it!Since that moment she has had an overwhelming desireto be bound helpless and controlled. Her bondagefantasies have almost become an obsession. Well, howcould I say no to an amazingly hot girl that wanted toexperience Hogtied, mask or not? So welcome the Ninjato her first real BDSM experience with a category 5suspension and many, many [REDACTED] orgasms