Most incredible foot caning scene ever done You have never seen anything like this, we promise. - Hogtied

Channel: Hogtied

Welcome back Scarlet Fox to hogtied, this is the last scene we have of this girl and we saved the truly amazing for last. This might look like your typical foot caning scene but let me tell you something right now, you have never seen anything like what happens during this scene. Ever. It was a truly amazing occurrence that might never again be repeated. It is that amazing. The best way to explain what happened might be the simplest. We think that during the scene we switched or short circuited her pain center. In the beginning the caning hurts and she dealt with it. In the middle of the scene we made her cum, not just any orgasm but a mind shattering one and we didn’t let up, we made the orgasms brutally uncomfortable to the point of driving her insane. It was at that moment, we surmise, that her entire brain temporarily re-wired it self for self defense, because what happened next was amazing beyond words. After we ripped, and I mean brutally ripped the orgasms from her helpless body, we were ready to end the scene. Then we decided as almost an afterthought to cane her foot just one more time. When we did, nothing prepared us or the models for what followed. Hitting her foot made her cum, not just any orgasms but something we have never seen before. Somehow her brain registered the brutal hit of the cane as extreme pleasure. There are no other words to describe this. You simply must watch it for yourself and be amazed as we all were.