WHIP OR TICKLE Jessie hates being tickled more than anything else in the world This was fun! - Hogtied

Channel: Hogtied

Little Jessie Cox in her thigh-highs and pigtails looks almost too cute to fuck with… almost. Whip or tickle Biatches: a little game Matt Williams invented, and it is so much fun. We tickle them till they scream “WHIP ME!!”. Then we whip them till they scream louder “TICKLE ME!!”. Rinse and repeat without any breaks, then make them cum fast and hard, and start the whole thing over again. It’s one of the most brutal attacks on the human body you can imagine. No time to breathe, you laugh, or you scream - and you are cumming, over and over. The result is usually a human body nearly passed out on the floor when you finish with them. Like we said, fun!!