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part series, “The Power of Suggestion,” we peer in on the lives of Kenzie Taylor and Seth Gamble. It seems the Reverend Tommy Pistol has caught himself two more converts! Kenzie and Seth desperately want him to tell them the secrets of the universe, but first they must give the good Rev something in exchange – the filthiest sex tape they can make! How else does one show their devotion to a church, after all? Seth Gamble pounces on an unsuspecting Kenzie as they sit on their living room couch. He roughly slaps her huge tits and flawless face…and she fucking loves it! She gives him a messy, frantic blowjob before he dunks her head in a bucket of water. With a wet rag on her face, she promises her undying devotion to Tommy Pistol. Seth then fucks her from behind while flogging her ass. He then flips her over so he can watch her face as she cums hard. Seth then unloads all over Kenzie’s slutty pussy, then pushes his cock and his cum deep inside her. Featuring choking, spanking, flogging, throat fucking, face sitting, a vibrator, rough sex and waterboarding. “The Power Of Suggestion” SERIES MAIN PAGE All 4 episodes in this series:Part 1: Charlotte Sins & Uncle AlfiePart 2: Anny Aurora & Texas PattiPart 3: Kenzie Taylor & Seth GamblePart 4: Avery Black & Oliver Davis, COMING 6/10

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