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14668 - In Part 4 of Kink’s exclusive, four-part series, “The Power of Suggestion,” we land in the world of Avery Black and Oliver Davis. Avery and Oliver were among the first naughty couples to follow the Reverend Tommy Pistol and his scandalous church. And like his other followers, they had to make a video for him, so he would have the power to shame them publicly. The video they made was – in Avery’s own words – “filthy and degrading.” It is submitted here in its entirety, so the world may know the full extent of Tommy Pistol’s cult’s depravity! Featuring bondage, spanking, hitachi, choking, throat fucking, rough sex, and a facial finish (all to prove their devotion to a man that, frankly, may not deserve it). “The Power Of Suggestion” SERIES MAIN PAGE All 4 episodes in this series:Part 1: Charlotte Sins & Uncle AlfiePart 2: Anny Aurora & Texas PattiPart 3: Kenzie Taylor & Seth GamblePart 4: Avery Black & Oliver Davis

Download this video from KINK FEATURES
Download this from KINK FEATURES