Asphalt Island, Part 1: Cam Damage and Mike Panic - Kink Features

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In Kink’s 4-part series, Asphalt Island, the beautiful Ella Nova is stranded on an asphalt island after a car crash, and not a single car will stop to help her. Trapped in a forgotten no-man’s land and slowly losing her grip on reality, she is left to fend for herself, surviving on food scraps and hot water collected in a hub cap. Ella escapes into feverish BDSM fantasies just to stay alive. In Part 1, we find Cam Damage and Mike Panic. Cam is locked in stocks hanging from chains. Mike slaps Cam’s face and pulls Cam’s shorts all the way down. Cam is exposed, vulnerable, and fucking loves it. Mike thrusts his cock down Cam’s throat then slowly rubs the strings of spit all over Cam’s face. He crops the clothespin slowly and painfully, off Cam’s chest. Mike holds a vibrator on Cam’s throbbing clit while he slaps Cam’s thighs with a heavy stick. He knows the pain makes Cam come harder. Cam gets fucked deep and hard while Mike continues to play with the line between pain and pleasure until Cam is a cum puddle. “Asphalt Island” SERIES MAIN PAGE All 4 episodes in this series:Part 1: Cam Damage & Mike PanicPart 2: Daisy Ducati and Ruckus - COMING 00/00Part 3: Natalie Mars and Lance Hart - COMING 00/00Part 4: Ella Nova - COMING 00/00