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Welcome to the fifth installment of Kink’s School of Submission, this time featuringLiz Jordan. S.O.S. is four days of mental and physical torment and challenges. It’s not for justanyone. Each subject has petitioned to be here, and is then hand-selected by The Pope. Theexperience is as real as you will ever see. There is no acting of any kind. The intent of School ofSubmission is to show this, and to pull back the curtain to show you the deepest and mostpersonal experiences of our performers.Liz begins with the extended interview, and it’s apparent to all involved that Liz is nervous, andhas very little to say. Her nerves have gotten the best of her already, but the show must go on, sothe interview continues. The first day is a deep dive into the psyche of the submissive to find outwhat is needed to begin their journey. Liz still has her porn performer active, but that will bedismantled by the end of the first session. The Pope enters and begins the session by explainingwhat is expected and then starting the process.First, she is collared to show his ownership of her for the next 4 days. Liz is in deep now, and thereality of what she has embarked on is setting in with all of it’s weight. The clothes are ripped away,nipple clamps are added, and the implements are introduced one by one. She puts up a bit of afight, and attempts to give up, but not today, not in his presence. There is only success in thisjourney, so Liz is about to get a lesson in perseverance. She is pushed harder than she has ever hadto endure, but The Pope will not allow her to do anything except move forward.Tears are shed, emotions run high, but Liz digs down deep and finds it in herself to make itthrough her first day. “School of Submission” SERIES MAIN PAGELiz Jordan: Day TwoLiz Jordan: Day Three - Coming 12/15Liz Jordan: Day Four - Coming 12/22 All installments in this series:Victoria VoxxxKristen ScottCasey CalvertBrooklyn Gray