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Liz has persevered and gotten through the first two days of her journey, but this day will be the one that defines her. Day 3 is not about how long it takes to break the submissive down, but rather just breaking them mentally and physically. The idea behind breaking them it to show them where their limit is, and then teach them how to push past it and be stronger. It instills confidence and humility at the same time. By doing this, the submissive learns more about themselves than any other exercise during the 4-day period.Liz begins standing in a sand pit designed for physical activity. We will not use it to it’s maximum capability today, but Liz will find her breaking point none the less. She is given her instructions from The Pope, and is instructed to begin. Liz starts to show fatigue almost instantly, which was very unexpected, but she pushes through. The hardest lesson is learning your limits, which is very humbling, but Liz continues to push herself. We get to the breaking point quickly, so she is made to cum to give her a break and then back to work. After full exhaustion hits, she is given a break before the final stage of the day.The time has come for the final step of the day, and Fluffy, the dragon tail, is used to finish Liz off. There have been tears throughout this process, and with every strike of Fluffy more follow. Liz holds on and endures the process until the suffering is over and the final orgasm is given to her as her reward. “School of Submission” SERIES MAIN PAGELiz Jordan: Day OneLiz Jordan: Day TwoLiz Jordan: Day Four - Coming 12/22 All installments in this series:Victoria VoxxxKristen ScottCasey CalvertBrooklyn Gray