Chauvinistic Pig gets Beatdown by muscular babe after date goes bad - Kink Test Shoots

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Tommy was the perfect date for Cheyenne up until the point he gets invited into Cheyenne’s apartment for a night cap. After his cocky ass is certain he’s going to get some action, he lets his true colors show. He turns into a complete chauvinistic pig and Cheyenne realizes she needs to teach him a lesson. Cheyenne makes it a point to show this pig she can handle business with her bare hands. She may be a smaller girl but her skill and attitude always put her on top. She is relentless with Tommy. She throws him down, rips his clothes off and has her way with him. The more he fights back, the more she gets turned on. Tommy, being the pig he is, claims he doesn’t really want to fight back because she’s a girl. So he leaves her with no choice other than for her to totally annihilate his body and ego. She sucks his dick until it’s hard then pins him down and fucks him until he cums in her pussy.