Mean Mattress Store - Ashlyn Peaks - Mean Bitch

Channel: Mean Bitch

Wimp customer Fluffy goes into the Mean Mattress store and meets powerful Amazon Ashlyn Peaks. She’s stronger than him, smarter than him, and twice his size… He is embarrassed when she tells him he looks like a little boy and thinks he’s there to shop for a mattress for his mommy and daddy. She’s used to getting what she wants, so when Fluffy tells her he doesn’t want to buy the most expensive mattress in the store, she teaches him a lesson. He tells her that mattress doesn’t look comfortable, so she throws him onto the bed and drops her GIANT ASS onto his face and asks “Are you comfortable now, you little bitch??”… she tells him he is going to buy that mattress but she can’t hear his response because he’s completely squashed under her big ass! She makes him apologize for being a loser with a small cock and makes him worship her beautiful feet… she completely dominates him and makes him her little bitch! LOTS OF HOT BIG-ASS WORSHIP, FOOT WORSHIP, FACESITTING, AND MORE!