Strip Club Domme 16 - Mean Bitch

Channel: Mean Bitch

Glenn goes into the MeanBitch Strip Club. He meets a sexy, big-boob stripper named Skye Mae. She asks if he wants a dance… he is embarrassed to ask but he tells her he wants to worship her feet & ass. She laughs at him and tells him “You’re one of THOSE guys”. He tries to tell her it’s normal but she tells him she’s going to dominate him and make him kiss her ass. She tells him “Sit back and do what I tell you”, and then makes him call her ma’am. She shoves her dirty sweaty feet in his face and makes him smell them and then worship them. Then she pulls him up on stage and makes him beg to worship her superior ass. He does as he is told and she grabs his head and pulls into her ass. She sits on his face, and in the end, gives him a nice blowjob/handjob! HOT ASS WORSHIP, FOOT WORSHIP, FACESITTING, AND MORE! HOT FUN IN THE STRIP CLUB!