Kimberly Kane's First Time - MEN IN PAIN

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4949 - To prepare for her first time ever dominating a man, Kimberly has been studying. It’s clear she is an apt pupil when she tears into Wolf with full on, unapologetic sadism and raw sex appeal. She is irresistible, telling him, ‘I’m the prettiest bitch here. You’re my bitch, and I’m going to make you ugly, so no one will ever want you, and you’ll stay with me forever…’ She ties his ass up and makes him tell her how hot she is, what he would do to her if he could move a muscle. Lucky boy gets to fuck her if he can do a good job and get her off as she slaps the SHIT out of his pretty face… ‘This is a fucking pretty cock and it’s all mine, forever, now give me my fucking come.’

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Download this from MEN IN PAIN