Fluffy Hooks Up - Severe Sex Films

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Fluffy learns why he shouldn’t hook up with random women he meets online — the hard way. Bettie Bondage turns out to be a total sadist who keeps promising to fuck him. Eventually. In the meantime, she puts a leather mask on his head and pegs him in several positions, then attaches him to a cross and flogs him hard. Next, she torments his balls, but Fluffy hangs in there, anticipating his cock inside her. Finally, she announces he now deserves her. Bettie puts his underwear over his head so he can’t see and lets him lick her pussy. And laughs to herself because he’s unwittingly licking a Fleshlight and doesn’t realize it. In the end, Fluffy is allowed to masturbate with the toy while Bettie flogs him some more.