Sister Barbary Confesses - Severe Sex Films

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Sister Barbary steps into the confession booth eager to unburden herself with the guilt she feels for having all of these erotic fantasies about her fellow clergy. She confesses in great detail! But she stops when she realizes the priest is actually jerking off while listening to her. She confronts him by pulling him out of his booth, and decides to punish and humiliate him. First the Sister decides to secure his manhood in a chastity cage, so that despite his desire to do so, he will be painfully unable to get an erection. Then she begins his torment and humiliation as he is, bare-assed over her knee, where she spanks his bottom raw…even implementing the Holy Book to assist as a weapon. But now, she finds herself all worked up, so she proceeds to strip for the eager Priest. She then pulls out the vibrating wand that she had confessed about & begins to use it on herself while the frustrated Priest looks on unable to engage. Finally, she decides he’s suffered enough and encourages him to masturbate with her, making sure that he only cums on the Holy Book.