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Brad thinks his Tik Toks will make him a well-paid influencer, but girlfriend Vanessa knows his videos are lame and is sick and tired of supporting him. So when Brad invites his studly friend Dillon over to help him shoot, she wastes no time getting some cuckold revenge. Brad watches helplessly as Vanessa makes out with Dillon, sucks his big cock, and rides him cowgirl-style. But Vanessa is not content to just let her penniless boyfriend watch. She orders Brad to do some cock sucking, too, and he reluctantly agrees. He does get to taste some pussy, too, when Dillon alternates between fucking Vanessa and Brad’s face. Then, he resigns himself to a close-up view of Dillon’s balls as the couple fuck on top of him. Finally, Dillon shoots his load all over Brad’s face and Vanessa makes him eat the cum. His video shoot with his buddy clearly didn’t go as planned; Brad declares that next time, he’s just going to buy a tripod!