The Training of Madison Young, Day Two - The Training Of O


Training Report Training Goals: Introduce the eroticism of Service Enter her into long term, real life service contract Earn her first piece of leather Recommendations: Take away her leather belongings. Train her to understand that her place is on the floor by binding her tightly and teaching her to crawl while under the whip. She will not use furniture without permission again. Whip her into a cathartic, emotional release that binds her to her dominant and the rules of this training engagement, then reward her with a tight rope suspension and a penetration orgasm as she hangs in the ropes. Bind her to a rough saw horse and fuck her in the pussy and ass till she begs to come with a hard cock pumping her round ass. Invade her quarters in the middle of the night to ensure that she is sleeping on the floor where she belongs. Use her slut mouth thoroughly, come on her face, and leave her to spend the rest of the night on the cold floor till she is needed again the the morning.