Juliette Day 4 Sadistic Sexual Slave Training - The Training Of O


One day of sexual slave training wasn’t enough for this sex crazed masochist, so day 4 begins with her working on her oral skills. She has improved on her cock sucking skills enough that we feel that it’s time to make her earn her grade for fucking. We begin the next exercise that will have her using every ounce of energy to get through. She is made to ride cock until her legs give out and then made to do it more. She wants to be a service whore then she will do it on our terms. Sado-masochistic sex training takes time to achieve the trainees potential, and we have as much time as it takes. Now that her body is completely exhausted we tie her down so that Derrick can use her holes the way that they should be used. She is pounded hard and fast and multiple orgasms are ripped from her tired cunt.