Slave Hunting Candidate #37 - The Training Of O


Trainers Intake Report Subject ID: #037.sSessionID: #6609 Stats Age: 25 Sign: Cancer Height: 5’8’’ Weight: 145 Measurements: 34B-27-38 Anal: Yes, Loves it Status: unowned History Experience: “Very, very minimal” One Public Disgrace shoot Strengths Apparent high pain tolerance Weaknesses emotionaly high strung Likes slaps and spanking, spit, cattle prod to be pushed to find her limits Issues some emotional instability that prompts session to end prematurely, may be hormonal. Recommend trying again. Limits Has not found any on her own wishes to explore Subject’s Ratings of Activities(Scale: 1-4 [low - high] 0 = no data) Thud Impact: 3 Sting Impact: 2 Electricity: 4 Bare Hand Spanking: 4 Comments: Incomplete data due to subject bereaking down into uncontrolled crying during session Trainer’s ratings: Pain Management: 2 Discipline: 1 Manners: 1 Composure: 2 Notes: Case File: #037.s Sarah ShevonTrainer’s Notes: A very sexy young lady, eager to perform. She lasted about 15 minutes before debilitating crying caused us to call the shoot. Possibly this is from hormonal swing and /or diet. She was cognitively present and responding rationally, but unable to control the emotional surges she was experiencing. Never saw anything like this, to this degree. Recommend we try her again.