The Training of Amber Rayne, Day One - The Training Of O


Applicant Profile Name: Amber RayneSign: VirgoAge: 23Weight: 114Height: 5’ 3’’Disposition: Cocky, masochistic, nymphomaniac Strengths: Loves being fucked in the ass, feels a need for pain, wishes to experience a deeper sense of submission. She is very intelligent and focused, and appears to take her role in this training seriously. Weaknesses: I don’t know, but we will find out in this update. Experience: Started BDSM working for commercial sites, then craved it more and more, eventually seeking it out in her personal life. Current Status: Unowned Recommendations: Test her responses to pain right away by ordering her to cover herself in clothespins, then whip them off her while drilling her about her associations with pain and pleasure. Introducer her to the filthy floor, and keep her on it to teach her that this is where she belongs. Tie her into restrictive bondage and order her to work to get a hard cock in her mouth. Stripe her ass and thighs with a cane while fucking her cunt with a hard cock to work on her pain processing. Drill her on defining her curriculum, why she is here, what she needs to learn, and develop the week’s goals with her help. Fuck her mouth and spill hot come all over her slut face, then assign her homework assignments and send her to her quarters for the evening.