The Training of Amber Rayne, Day Two - The Training Of O


Training Report Training Goals: Self Worth Relinquish Control Eroticize Pain Recommendations: Order her to hold a difficult position while being vibrated and introduce her to Tom Moore, our guest trainer for the day. Fill her mouth with hard cock right away to test her ability to maintain position. Turn Mr. Moore loose on her for a very hot flogging scene that leaves no part of her slut body unmarked, giving her the opportunity to earn her leather cuffs for the week. Strap her down to the wide receiver to expose her ass and pussy, and pound her slave asshole with a hard cock till she is begging to come for our amusement. Teach her that her discomfort and desire is secondary to pleasing her dominant, and her satisfaction comes from performing well. Cover her gaping asshole in hot come, stand her at attention and deliver her homework assignments for the evening. Order her to clean the come off the floor with her tongue before she is dismissed.