The Training of Dana DeArmond, Day Two - The Training Of O


Training Report Training Goals: Sincerity Discipline Obedience Gratitude Recommendations: Call our client, Daniel, to confirm the work order: his rambunctious, outspoken, sexually voracious girlfriend is to be trained in the erotic disciplines of slavehood and delivered at the end of the week as an obedient, submissive piece of property. Introduce her to William, our assistant trainer, who will run her through a vigorous workout designed to not only wear down her mental defenses, but also physically prepare her for the rigorous fucking and sucking she will be performing this week. Bring in Madison to take our trainee’s punishments for her. Watching Madison’s stripped ass get beaten should provide a different kind of motivation for our ill-behaved little slut trainee. Give her a lesson in pain management and composure that is sure to bring a sincere reply to her smart mouth, and reward her with a wet cunt in her mouth and hard cock in her ass. See to it that she is thoroughly fucked out in all holes by paying a surprise visit to her quarters in the middle of the night. Quiz her on her homework and pump her mouth full of her third load of hot come for the day.