The Training of Harmony Rose, Day Two - The Training Of O


Training Report Training Goals: Patience Claustrophobia Orgasm Control Composure Recommendations: Wake her at 7 AM to workout with Tomcat. Push her through hard calisthenics and exercises designed to improve her grace in movement. Reward her hard work with a hard pussy fucking with a Fucksall, but control the little cockslut’s orgasm. Bring her to the basement to face her fear of confined spaces. Confront her with the head box and reduce her to tears while locking the cruel device firmly around her submissive throat. Test her resolve with a whip and a vibe, making her come while locked away in the dark box. Stuff a hard cock through the mouth hole to reward her for making it through, then release her and order her to spread her creamy, long legs and get herself off while talking dirty to the camera. Tie her in an uncomfortable position and and fuck her mouth and her pussy silly, teasing her to orgasm. Reward her trials by ordering her to beg for the cattle prod while her cunt is full of hard cock. Train her to maintain her composure when hit with the prod in preparation for her last day with Princess Donna.