The Training of Number Seven, Day Four - The Training Of O


This slut graduates but just barely. Seven must like beatings, judging from all the missed homework assignments and her general lack of initiative throughout the program. But for those who enjoy the occasionally snarky but delicious little fuck slut, she is a gem. It is very amusing how transparent her struggle is with the mental bondage of maintaining position while suffering blows from the whip. One can tell she is on the verge of saying ‘fuck you buddy’, yet she keeps at it in hope’s a earning some approval, like a hard cock in her filthy slut ass. Yes this is a reward for her. Her entire motivation for being here is filthy sex. Which we make her earn over and over again. And, like any ravenous animal, this slave slut gorges on her meal of cock every time it is offered. Madison is present to keep cocks hard and pussies wet, which she is quite good at. Mr. Lawrence bigs a huge cock for Seven to feast on if she a good girl, which she barely manages. In conclusion, this slut requires a strict and likely ruthless dominant to control her but the payoff is well worth it.