The Training of Number Seven, Day Three - The Training Of O


This slut lacks initiative and requires frequent correction. She is forgetful, fails to complete homework assignments and receives all the sadistic attention she deserves for such shortcomings. She is, however, extremely fucking sexy and loves to fuck and suck cock and eat pussy. So, we throw two sadistic trainers at her and demand she satisfy both male and female libidos in one day. She is taken from her quarters at 7AM and made to workout naked while pleasing a hard cock at the same time. Squats, pushups and stress positions all make her slut holes available to be fuck, and we take full advantage. Once she is exhausted and covered in hot come, we introduce Miss Annie Cruz to help us instill a little discipline into this lazy fucking slut. On her knees with her face in Annie’s ravenous cunt, Seven is taught a harsh lesson in initiative that leaves her writhing on the floor in filth. Orgasmed and punished for her multiple infractions, she is sent away to her quarters for the night to consider her shortcomings and to try again tomorrow.