House Celebration: Fire Play & Farewell Pope p. 2 - The Upper Floor

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7541 - This is the second half of the action packed Upper Floor Halloween Party. This sequence starts with James taking some personal time to train odile in a game of suffering, endurance, and mental strength. The task appears simple: Keep your mind on your pussy and your legs in the air. But as shackles and chains add unbearable weight to her legs and Master Acworth playfully disrupts her masturbation with ice cold water, odile begins to lose her composure in front of all the partygoers. Meanwhile, our randy guests are enjoying themselves in various sexual positions all over the room, many of them watching our slave tramp get pounded by two male guests. She begs and screams to be allowed to squirt, but for once her tormentors do not care to see the display, and she is made to carry on service without relief. The evening culminates in a fire play scene between The Steward, Mistress Shay, and odile. Poor o is already mentally sore with a well used cunt, but her masters won’t be satisfied until it has been lit on fire. Odile obediently offers her body to The House and soon is in flames, expertly handled by Stefanos and Mistress Shay in an act of incendiary sadism you do not want to miss.

Download this video from The Upper Floor
Download this from The Upper Floor