Dragon Destroyed on the Mat! Made to CUM During Wrestling! She is in tears trying not to cum - ULTIMATE SURRENDER

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3621 - Welcome to the the Semi Finals of the 2010 Summer Vengeance Tournament! The top 16 wrestlers battle it out in single elimination! DIA ZERVAIron MaidenHT: 5’5WT: 135lbsSeason record (3-0)Ranked 3rd DRAGONLILYThe DragonHT: 5’4WT: 124lbsSeason record (4-0)Ranked 1st Words escape us when trying to describe what happened in this match up. Anyone familiar with the Dragon knows about her crippling weakness. Fingers in the pussy. If you get fingers in and can hang on to the Dragon she is helpless. She’s one of the strongest and most talented fighters on the roster, but in this killer match she is reduced to a common whore, cumming on the mat and crying like a baby, begging, no - pleading as tears run down her face. The Dragon does everything in her power not to cum, but in the end Dia rips 3 orgasms out of her during the second round. The Dragon is left on the mat crying because she did not have the will power or strength to stop from cumming. Her season is over in disgrace, and she is humiliated almost beyond her ability to cope with it. The Dragon, is made to cum during wrestling, she is beaten by over 1000pts, and she is fucked and made to cum even more in rd4. A hero is defeated today, and it’s fucking hot!

Download this video from ULTIMATE SURRENDER
Download this from ULTIMATE SURRENDER