Dragon moves straight on to victory and takes Izamar's anal virginity - ULTIMATE SURRENDER

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8137 - Its the second round of the second match for the tag team season. However, This Tag match did not go the full 3 rounds and is Scratched from the record. It stays as an update as an exhibition match for your enjoyment only. The points scored will NOT be reflected on the total scores for the teams for the season. Team DragonSerena Blair (wrestler)Mistress Kara (wrestler)Dragon Lily ( coach) Team NightmareIsamar Gutierrez(wrestler)Beretta James (wrestler)Syd Blakovich (coach) Serena was pulled out from Team Dragon, leaving Mistress Kara to wrestle round 2 the entire 12 minutes. Izamar had a swollen knee at the end of round 2 and the ref would not let her continue. Syd was pumped and ready to step in for her team but the ref called the match. There would be an unfair advantage to team nightmare if the fresh team captain were allowed to wrestle for round 3 while the only wreslter for team dragon had just finished wrestling 12 full minutes in round 2. This match was called at the end of round 2. Before the match started, during the chat, Izamar and Mistress Kara pinky swore that who ever won would get to fuck the other in the ass. They were both so confident that they would lead their team into victory that they both put their on camera anal virginity on the line for the match. The whistle was blown, the score board read that Black was in the lead but when the ref got everyone settled down after the commotion, there was bad news for Black. The ref had the score going to the wrong team the last minutes of the match and the points had to manually be configured to reflect the correct score. Orange was indeed the winner, barely. It doesn’t matter if you win by 1 point or 100 points. At the end of the day if the score board says you lost, you have agreed to give the winner the spoils and sometimes that means giving up your asshole’s virginity to pay the piper.

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Download this from ULTIMATE SURRENDER