RD 2 of March's Live Tag Team Match: Totally non-scripted collegian style sexual lesbian wresting! - ULTIMATE SURRENDER

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6435 - Welcome to Tag Team Tuesdays: totally non-scripted, all in front of a live audience, all broadcast live to members. Today’s update is RD 2 of 4. This was March’s live match, now edited for your enjoyment! This is a close, tough match, basically a tie going into rd 2. Beretta tries to change that, getting her fingers into Shae’s pussy. Charisma can’t dominate Iona the same way. Iona shows she’s learned a thing or two about wrestling, not to mention pussy licking, and gives our college athlete a real workout. By the time Beretta returns to the mat, the Blue team has opened a big lead. Shae is fingered and brutally dominated and team Blue’s lead evaporates. Expertly using their tags, Beretta and Charisma double up again on poor Shae. With time running out Iona returns to the mat. Her team has fallen behind, can she cut team Green’s lead before the end of the round?

Download this video from ULTIMATE SURRENDER
Download this from ULTIMATE SURRENDER