ROUND THREE: Team Ice (0-1) vs The Pirates (0-1) - Ultimate Surrender

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3292 - Welcome to Tag Team Tuesdays. This is round 3 of 4 of the live May match up between Team Ice and The Pirates. Team Ice fought back in round two and took the lead going into the last round of wrestling. Can Team Ice keep their lead into the final round and come out with their first victory, or will the Pirates come from behind and claim some booty for their Round 4 prize? Once again Ariel X dominates the round. She counters everything Dia can throw at her and Mellanie is no threat whatsoever to last years’ Summer Vengeance champion. Team Ice dominates Round 3 with great one-on-one action and 3 great tags! An amazing finish to a brutally hard fought match up!

Download this video from Ultimate Surrender
Download this from Ultimate Surrender