ROUND TWO: The Ninja's (2-0) vs The Pirates (0-2) - ULTIMATE SURRENDER

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3560 - Welcome to Tag Team Tuesdays. This is round 2 of 4 of the live July match up between The Ninjas and The Pirates. Tara Lynn Foxx and Jessie Cox start off the round going head to head. Tara gets the better of the two and gets an early tag by The Pirates. After that the Ninja’s unload all the power and skill they have and the Pirates watch their small lead turn into a huge deficit. Vendetta was a power to recon with in this match, she dominated The Pirates at every turn. Tara Lynn held her own and gave up few style points. The Ninja’s look like they might be the team to beat this year. Ultimate Surrender is the only competitive non-scripted sex wrestling site in the world. Join now to see why this is called the sport of the future!

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Download this from ULTIMATE SURRENDER