The champ is back & she wants every single wrestle to know it. No More Miss Nice Girl EVER AGAIN! - ULTIMATE SURRENDER

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6151 - ULTIMATE SURRENDER SEASON NINE!****Bryn BlayneThe LawHT: 5’5WT: 125lbsSeason record (0-0)Lifetime record (0-0) ARIEL XThe AssassinHT: 5’3WT: 110lbsSeason record (2-0)Lifetime record (21-1) The champ is back and she is different. Oh, she will still kick your ass but now it’s even more fun for her to rub your nose in your horrible humiliating defeat. She will let you know how easy she beat you, and how boring your life is. It just got personal. This is Bryn Blayne’s first singles match. She is an Ultimate Surrender rookie but not a rookie to wrestling. She takes losing very seriously. Bryn is strong, quick, and trains off the mat. She will not lose often, but she will lose today. The Champ is back indeed. It was a total destruction of the talented rookie. Devastating submission holds and deep finger penetration during the rounds. Bryn was worked over hard and humiliated in the process. Is their any one that can be a serious threat to the Assassin? We don’t think so..

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Download this from ULTIMATE SURRENDER