Adrianna Nicole 'The Adrianaconda' (2-1) vs Alexa Von Tess 'The Badger' (3-5) - Ultimate Surrender


Regular League Match ADRIANNA NICOLEThe AdrianacondaHT: 5’7WT: 142 lbsLifetime record (2-1)Ranked 7th ALEXA VON TESSThe Badgerht: 5’4WT: 125lbsLifetime record (3-5)Ranked 8th 7th and 8th ranked women, going head to head just weeks before the big Summer Vengeance Tournament begins. Both Wrestlers want to get a good seat going into the big event. Alexa Von Tess has dropped some weight from her last match and tanned up. Ranked 8th, she is hoping to up her spot and take over number 7. Adrianna Nicole is the new kid and knows how to win. Tall, strong and aggressive is the best way to describe this Amazonian blond bombshell with huge natural breasts. The Adrianaconda had no trouble with spunky veteran Von Tess. Dominating from the start, Adrianna total abused and pinned poor Alexa the entire match. From fingering her on the mat, to smothering Alexa with her huge tits for submission, the badger never had a chance. It has been a long time since Alexa was just so helpless on the mat.