Annie Cruz 'The Scorpion' (1-5) vs Samantha Sin 'The Python' (0-2) - Ultimate Surrender


Annie Cruz is back and faces off with this year’s hottest new comer, Samantha Sin. Samantha Sin was voted this year’s favorite new wrestler, and now she faces off with a seasoned veteran of the past. Annie has been roommates with The Dragon, and rumor has it some coaching has been going on. However, Samantha shows why she is this year’s best newcomer as she wipes the mat with Annie. After fingering her and getting her into painful scissor holds and backbreaker holds, Samantha fucks Annie like the loser she is. In the finale of RD4, Samantha gets Annie to squirt on herself. Apparently, Annie is going to need some more one-on-one time with The Dragon to be competitive.