Annie Cruz 'The Scorpion' (1-6) vs Dia Zerva 'Iron Maiden' (0-1) - Ultimate Surrender


Regular League Match ANNIE CRUZThe ScorpionHT: 5’6WT: 118lbsLifetime record (1-5)Ranked 16th DIA ZERVAIron MaidenHT: 5’5WT: 145lbsLifetime record (0-1)Ranked 6th Dia Zerva showed, in her debut match, that she was a entity to be reckoned with, even though she lost that match. Her effort garnered her the number 6 ranking. Let’s see if that ranking was earned or a gift. Annie Cruz is no stranger to the US mat. She is ranked 16th and has 7 matches under her belt. This girl fights and tries but she is yet to overcome her one weekness: fingers in the pussy. Dia shows us why she earned the 6th ranking spot. She destroys Annie on the mat. Not only does she Rip 3-4 orgasms out of Annie during they wrestling, but she gets Annie to squirt in the process. Annie is helpless to stop “The Iron Maiden” from abusing and using her pussy. After two rounds of imposing will to Annie to cum, Dia takes a different approach in RD3 and punishes Annie in submission hold after submission hold, until you think Annie can’t take any more punishment to her body. When we asked Dia what her favorite part of the match was, she told us it was fucking Annie in the Ass in RD4. “That has to be the most humiliating thing I can do to an opponent”