Darling 'The Grappler' (0-0) vs Krissy 'The Crippler' Lynn (0-0) - Ultimate Surrender


Season Seven Match DARLINGThe GrapplerHT: 5’4WT: 112 lbsSeason record (1-0)Lifetime record (13-5) KRISSY LYNNThe CripplerHT: 5’3WT: 128lbsSeason record (0-1)Lifetime record (0-1)Ranked 10th Darling is back after her surgery and she looks better than ever. She hit the gym hard and comes back to US in better condition than when she left. This veteran is not ranked right now due to her leave, however after seeing her back on the mat you can bet she will be highly placed in the rankings. Krissy Lynn is back! This 5’3 DD blond has an amazingly hard and fit body. Krissy comes from a family of athletes and was a collegiate star herself. She’s in amazing condition for a rookie and honestly might be the strongest wrestler we have seen in a long time. Strength and weight alone can not win an Ultimate Surrender match. Experience will win 99% of the time. Darling destroys this bigger, stronger girl on the mat with crushing leg scissors, figure fore locks, chin locks and face sits. Krissy never has a chance and Darling gives her a fucking of a lifetime in RD4. Wrestlers pay a price for losing here at Ultimate Surrender!