Darling 'The Grappler' (1-0) vs Karrlie Dawn 'The Anvil' (0-2) - Ultimate Surrender


Season Six Match DARLINGThe GrapplerHT: 5’4WT: 115 lbsSeason record (1-0)Lifetime record (10-4)Ranked 4th KARRLIE DAWNThe AnvilHT: 5’3WT: 125lbsSeason record (0-2)Lifetime record (0-2)Ranked 15th Darling has made wrestling at US a mission in life. Darling has just received her new belt in jujitsu, and now proudly wears the blue belt. To put that into perspective for the old members, the Ninja was only a white belt. We are all hoping that Karrlie begins to “get it” as this is her 3rd match up with a skilled opponent. Hopefully the experience sinks in. Her next match up will be with equally skilled wrestler. Darling dominates her from the start. Rampant face sitting and brutal four finger fucking abound. Round four is awesome as Darling binds Karrlie with her own bands, then puts a brutal leg scissor hold around her neck and vibrates orgasm after orgasm out of Karrlie’s defeated body. It is so hot to listen to a girl pathetically beg and scream to please stop making her cum!