Dia 'Iron Maiden' Zerva (0-0) vs Angelica 'The Empress' Sage (0-0) - Ultimate Surrender


Season Seven Match DIA ZERVA Iron MaidenHT: 5’5WT: 135 lbsSeason record (4-0)Lifetime record (5-1) ANGELICA SAGEThe EmpressHT: 5’9WT: 135lbsSeason record (0-0)Lifetime record (0-0) Dia was stunned at her loss in the Summer Vengeance tournament to Arie X. Now it’s time to start all over, and fight her way back to the tournament. Dia has increased her “off the mat” training. Angelica Sage is 20 yr old beauty! Brand new to the industry, this athletic girl begged for us to let her wrestle. We will be seeing more of Angelica over the months. Our Ex-Marine totally dominated poor Angelica. Angelica thought because she was bigger she could easily win. The rookie always learn the hard way that experience will always beat size.