Dia 'Iron Maiden' Zerva (1-0) vs Jayden 'The Black Widow' Cole (0-0) - Ultimate Surrender


Season Seven Match DIA ZERVAIron MaidenHT: 5’5WT: 135 lbsSeason record (1-0)Lifetime record (6-1)Ranked 4th JAYDEN COLEThe Black WidowHT: 6’0WT: 135lbsSeason record (0-0)Lifetime record (0-0) Dia Zerva, our favorite ex Marine, is back and ready to [REDACTED] the new girl. Dia is one of the elite wrestlers of Ultimate Surrender, she knows how to make her opponent helpless and she knows how to bury the fingers in her opponent’s pussy. Welcome 6’0 tall Jayden Cole to Ultimate Surrender. She honestly thought with her size and strength she could walk on the mat and win. Dia delivers the wake up call and delivers it hard. Our Ex-Marine totally dominated poor Jayden. With some outstanding holds and deep finger banging Jayden is soon just a really tall girl moaning on the mat. Welcome to US Jayden.