Isis 'The Goddess' Love(1-0) vs Ally 'Power Puff' Ann (0-0) - Ultimate Surrender


Season Seven Match ISIS LOVEThe GoddessHT: 5’6WT: 125 lbsSeason record (1-0)Lifetime record (19-7)Ranked 6th ALLY ANNPower PuffHT: 5’5WT: 120lbsSeason record (0-0)Lifetime record (0-0) The Goddess is merciful to her opponents. She starts slow, giving the new girls a chance, a brief glimpse at success; then like a cruel God, rips away all hope and destroys her opponent. Ally Ann is a feisty one, with way too much adrenaline. This off the wall bundle of energy will be dangerous once she learns how to control it. She is flexible and willing to take risks. If she sticks with it, one day this bundle of raw power will be a [REDACTED] to recon with. A great win for the returning Veteran. Isis is as brutal as she is beautiful. Isis is the last one you wnat to lose to, she will make you pay in round 4 for you failure!