Isis 'The Goddess' Love(3-0) vs Krystal 'The Demon' Main (0-0) - Ultimate Surrender


Season Seven Match ISIS LOVEThe GoddessHT: 5’6WT: 125 lbsSeason record (3-0)Lifetime record (21-7)Ranked 5th KRYSTAL MAINThe DemonHT: 5’3WT: 120lbsSeason record (0-0)Lifetime record (0-0)Not Ranked Isis loves playing with the rookies, she gives them small amounts of hope and then rips it away and kicks their asses. No one can fuck down a loser like Isis does. Krystal Main is the mid-western girl-next-door. She saw the website and wanted to beat up some porn bitches. She works out and is built. She is solid with tremendous upper body strength. She also has some wrestling experience Our little mid-western tank got pummeled. Isis Love, our porn Goddess, took our little wholesome girl next door and kicked her ass, fingered her pussy on the mat, then fucked her into next week in RD4. Welcome to US, Krystal.