It's the Playoffs! Winners go to the championship match. Losers get fucked in front of the crowd! - Ultimate Surrender


Welcome to Tag Team Tuesdays. This is round 1 of 4 of the live December PLAYOFF match up between Team Ice and The Ninjas. With Vendetta’s sudden retirement, the Ninjas picked up veteran Bella Rossi and her huge “DD” breasts. Bella is a two season veteran with great skills and strength. With Tara Lynn Foxx this team has the size to push their smaller opponents around the mat. Holly Stevens is out with a medical complication, so Team Ice picked up rookie and first time wrestler Iona Grace. Iona brings her massive “DD” breasts to the mat also, so essentially both teams are even. After 12 minutes of un-scripted, brutal wrestling, both teams take advantage of their tags and only 20pts separate these two teams going into the locker room. This is only one match and the entire season is on the line. The losers go home and get fucked, and the winners move on to another payday and the championship match up!