RD 1: Team Blue VS. Team Red! Brutal unscripted tag team wrestling! Sexual wrestling at it's best - Ultimate Surrender


Welcome to Tag Team Tuesdays. Totally non-scripted, all in front of a live audience, all broadcast live to members. Today’s update is RD 1 of 4. Mahina Zaltana and Iona Grace take on Rain DeGrey and Chloe Camilia in this non-scripted Tag Team event. 3 Rounds of wrestling, each team gets 3 tags to use each round. The action is fast paced and brutal. Strategy is everything in Tag Team. The team with the best strategy for tags and keeps control on their side of the mat has the definite advantage. After 12 grueling minutes of brutal action only 12pts separate these competitors as they enter the locker room for the first break.