ROOKIE CUP TOURNAMENT MATCHUP Alexa Aimes vs. Nikki Hearts - Ultimate Surrender


Alexa Aimes is undefeated this year so far. She had a very impressive win on her first match ever at Ultimate Surrender against Lyla Storm ( match 34443). She became a U/S sensation with fans over night with that match. Her Strong domination on the mats and in round 4 have made the fans go wild for her. Fans around the world are betting she makes it to the finals of this tournament and possibly wins the whole thing. Nikki Hearts had the misfortune of wrestling Bella Rossi for her U/S debut ( Match 33908) . She didn’t stand a chance against Bella. We get to see how she does against another Rookie The wrestling gets intense for this match. Both wrestlers go all out. These wrestling is so intense, it only goes two rounds before one wrestler has to call it quits.