ROUND ONE: The Ninja's (2-0) vs The Pirates (0-2) - Ultimate Surrender


Welcome to Tag Team Tuesdays. This is round 1 of 4 of the live July match up between The Ninjas and The Pirates. The Ninjas are undefeated in Tag Team action. Led by Vendetta, this team is one of the favorites to win it all. With teammate Tara Lynn Fox, the Ninjas boast the highest power rating in the league. This team has it all: size, strength, quickness, and is sexy as hell. The Pirates cannot catch a break, they have not won a match this year. Lead by Dia Zerva, this team looks so good on paper and with Jessie Cox as her teammate, no one can understand this team’s slow start. If they lose one more match they might be out of the playoffs and done for the year. The Pirates know it’s all on the line, their season lives or dies on this match. After 12 minutes of grueling wrestling they have the lead going into the second round, but will they be able to keep it?