The Dragons vs The Goddesses Round 2 of the Semi-Finals Match up. - Ultimate Surrender


Welcome to Tag Team Tuesday. This is round 2 of 4 of the December match up between The Dragons and the Goddesses. This is the Semi-Final match. It’s all on the line. The winner of this match goes to the Live Championship match up being shot and shown live on January 22nd. The winner of this match will face off against the undefeated Ninja’s! Round two of this Live Semi-Finals match was insane. Each team got in all of there tags, and the intensity of the action was heightened by the live audience. Amazing double teams and hardcore fingering gave both team need points. The Dragons really turned it up a notch in Round Two, picking on the rookie Holly Heart and abusing her pussy. The Goddesses were just out wrestled, out matched and out classed in Round Two. Will they be able to bounce back in round Three?