THE NINJA's vs TEAM ICE The 2010 Tag Team League begins now! - Ultimate Surrender


Welcome to Tag Team Tuesday. This is round 1 of 4 of the February match-up between The Ninjas and Team Ice. This is the fresh start of the 2010 Tag Team League. Vendetta & Tara Lynn Fox take on Ariel X and Mellanie Monroe for the start of the 2010 Tag Team league. Two veterans team up with two rookies. This match was shot live in front of an audience, and these 4 girls give 100% in the only non-scripted TAG TEAM FEMALE WRESTLING LEAGUE on the net. The ultimate in catfighting. Round 1 takes off like a rocket, both teams going back and forth trying to take the lead going into round 2. Tara Lynn Fox makes a heroic effort near the end of the round to get a tag, and that tag ends up being the difference in the round as the Ninjas take a small lead going into the next round. Great headlocks and head scissors holds, two on one action and plenty of finger fucking. Round 1 has everything you expect in Ultimate Surrender! Join now and see the start of this exciting new sport - the 2010 Tag Team Season is here!